I have a question that is not answered here?

Please ask at our forums first and if you can’t get an answer then please use the contact page?

Its been 5 seconds and you have not replied yet?

We will respond to all emails within 24 hours. Please check your junk folder as many turn up there.

Bitcoin is confusing is there any other way to make payment?

We have tried foreign bank accounts, Paypal and credit cards and they all were shut down. Bitcoin is the only way for us to trade. However we hope to have an easier bitcoin option available in the future.

Do you ship to Tasmania (WA, NT etc)?

We ship anywhere in Australia. We do not ship internationally.

Is the packaging discreet?

Yes we use Australian post satchels for delivery with nothing but your name and address on the satchel.

Do you ship to PO boxes?


Is this shipped from within Australia?

Yes, all orders are shipped from with Australia so you won’t have to worry about customs.

How long does shipping take?

You should receive your order within 2-3 business days.

Should I use my real name on the order?

Yes, we had a couple of people unable to receive the package because they didn’t have there name on it. At the very least tell whomever may answer the door that you are expecting a package for your fake name.

How can I trust you?

We have been endorsed by Jake Archer from buy-steroids.com.au the largest steroid related site in Australia. We also ask all our customer for an honest review which you can check out at the review page. Lastly we are an underground operation (we don’t promote) so most likely you are here through word-of-mouth which means we deliver.

What if my product doesn’t arrive in the mail?

We will be tracking your package from the moment we send it, if your package doesn’t arrive within 7 business days of Gear Phoenix receiving your payment we will send you a new package free of charge.

My Products don’t match the picture are they correct?

Yes the images on the site are for illustrative purposes only.

Do you sell needles or where do I get them from?

We do not sell needles because it makes packaging difficult. We recommend a site called medshop.com.au they sell bulk equipment very cheaply.

Are your steroids legit?

Yes, we order only from trusted sources and use the gear personally. Check out some of our reviews for further proof, including blood test.

It’s my first time, how do I do injections correctly?

Here is an excellent injections guide which will serve you well: fitnessuncovered.co.uk/article/how-to-inject-steroids